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Qnity provides education, training and advisory for both individuals and businesses across the world. Whether you’re an executive in a large company, a small business owner,  leader, or an “intrapreneur,” you will find magic in our simple, visual and actionable learning methodology.

Based on years of experience, Qnity provides a revolutionary suite of simple, visual and actionable education and tools to transform your business from the inside out.

What our clients say

Phillip Styrlund
CEO/Owner | The Summit Group Inc. 

“Qnity is an extraordinarily gifted design. The way they help people organize their thinking is a gift. Structured common sense is hard to come by!”

Theresa VanderMeer 

“Working with Qnity was transformative for our women, they have never had an experience like they had working with Qnity. It not only gave them tools to plan their own lives and accomplish their goals, but it showed them that we as an organization really care for them. I plan to use Qnity as a fundamental and foundational way we train and care for our women.”

Kerry Bunday
Former Portfolio Manager | Nordstrom Family Trust

“Of the speakers, Qnity was the only one dealing with empowering employees for customer engagement and the grass roots growth of business. Qnity also helped me with a company of ours that was struggling. The Qnity system and tools helped us greatly!”

Jodi Ohama
Owner | RedBloom Salons

“It’s changed our business. We had a 97% execution on our annual strategy. (and the 2-3% we didn’t accomplish was because of external factors out of anyone’s control!)  It’s the key to execution.”

A few of our clients

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