Creating the Text Side of your QPlan

Text side - email 1

The visual side of this tool ignites the right-brain, and we encourage you to be completely creative! However, the text side is where we get very specific and linear, i.e.- using the left-brain!


Step 1: Define your GOAL

There are many different definitions of a goal, at Qnity we define a goal as “a general statement of intent.” On your QPlan, you will set to top to boxes for your goals Increase Client Count, and Increase Average Ticket. Your general intent is to build the two areas that will have the largest impact on your business and show immediate return in your paycheck:
1. Increase Client Count   AND     2Increase Average Ticket 

objStep 2: Create your OBJECTIVE

Creating a quality objective is oftentimes the most difficult part of the entire program, and where many people get stuck. Do not get stuck here. The quality of your objective will determine your results. An objective contains two things:
1. Date (the end of your Tracking Period)
2. Measurement (what your target growth is 8.5% for Client Count & 8.5% in Average Ticket is what we recommend.
The objective should be so crystal clear someone who didn’t even know you or your business could come and and say “Yes, they did this.” or “No, they didn’t.” It’s specific and measurable.

Step 3: Determine your ACTION STEPS

Your action steps are your daily activities that ensure you achieve your specific objectives, and therefore your goal or intent of growing your Client Count and Average Ticket.
When creating your action steps, refer back to the key drivers, (see the 2NG Dashboard). These should be simple, daily actions to remind yourself what you need to do with each client.

The step by step pictured above shows how to fill out the “Increase Client Count” box. You will want to do the same with “Higher Average Ticket” box. See example below. Note, in the example below Susannah has filled the “GOAL” using arrows and the OBJECTIVE just be writing the number she needs to be at. Do whatever makes the most sense for you. 


Here is what the top row of your completed QPlan will look like


1. Focus period:

In the top corner, notice it asks to fill in your “Focus Period.” If this is your first time ever making a QPlan, the focus period should last the length of your Tracking Period on your Tuesday Tracker (13 weeks). If you are an experienced Qnity user, your focus period might be for one Season, following the 8 Seasons Calendar. For this period, this is what you are focusing on in your day to day life at the salon. The end date is the date you have until to achieve your objective and goal.
In the case of Susannah, her focus period ends on September 30th (*Note: we would recommend putting in the actual date for the start period, as opposed to “now”). By Sept. 30th, she will see an average of 30 clients a week and on average each client will spend $90 with her .
If you meet your objective or need to make some tweaks to it, you can always make a new QPlan! If you don’t meet your objective, continue to work your original QPlan until you achieve it! There is no right or wrong time here, just suggestions.

2. What about the bottom 2 boxes? 

There are four boxes on the QPlan, and only the top two have the goals filled in. A common question is, “What do I put in the bottom two boxes?”
If you are new to Qnity, the answer is- nothing. Leave them blank for now. Remember, we are practicing the habit of FOCUS.  Tie this back to the success principles; we are keeping it simple, focusing on small wins, creating structure, and most importantly working on going from KNOWING to DOING. We leave these blank intentionally, because we want you to focus on the two goals that will help you “earn more money”: Client Count and Average Ticket.
Once you start to see the direct impact in your paycheck and financial quality of life, you will see this trickle into all other areas of your life. As you become more confident and comfortable with the QPlan focusing system, you can begin to use these boxes for other personal or professional goals.

3. Look at it DAILY 

This is critical. We can’t enhance this point enough. Take 5 seconds. Review the visual side, to remind yourself of what your vision of prosperity is. Look at the text side to remind yourself of the actions you will take with every guest, every time.
The visual side is what you want, the text side is how you get it. Share it with others, talk about it, post it at your station, take a picture and set it as your wallpaper- whatever! Keep looking at it, and stay focused.