9GRIDS are not just for goal setting. They can be for anything from reminding your staff about dress code to promotions running in the salon. They can keep you on track and and at the top of your game! Take it from Caitlin. She is a Senior Stylist from Planet Laboratories Salon in Denver, CO,  she uses 9GRIDS for everything!

She made a Summer Dress Code 9GRID! Planet Laboratories has recently hired a few new front line staff and stylists. With it starting to get hot outside, she thought it would be a fun way to remind everyone about still looking professional! While she was writing the Do’s and Don’ts portion of the 9GRID, she asked everyone who was in and out of the breakroom what they thought was professional and what wasn’t.

"It was a group collaboration! This is my favorite tool! "~Caitlin

“It was a group collaboration!
This is my favorite tool! “~Caitlin

Earth Month fundraising is a pretty big event at the salon, so she made one to inspire the frontline and stylists. She included facts, ways to raise money, the goal and the non-profit companies they are donating to!