Allison Clauson | Stylist |Synergy Salon, ID

Webster’s dictionary defines prosperity as “usually being successful by making a lot of money.” After doing Qnity, I’ve come to the much greater realization that being prosperous is so much greater than the money I take home in a day’s work. I have unwrapped a whole new side of myself that can give and impact my everyday life inside and outside of work. It’s entirely centered around being authentic, genuine, and engaged with my friends and guests without expecting anything in return. Ever since I’ve had this mindset, I’ve built strong trust with my guests. They value my input enough to entrust themselves to me. This in return has made my career start to grow incredibly.
Previously, I had been examining my guests/friends and processing in my own head what they need and should do differently instead of genuinely wanting to know their own desires. After Qnity, my behaviors have had a drastic change. I have been more intentional about my relationship and/or conversations. In being this intentional, it has encouraged me to step outside of my shoes and into my guest’s or friend’s. I walk away with a better understanding of their desires and intentions.
As a team member at Synergy Salons and Spa, I’ve noticed incredible results and growth. I’ve observed all of our stylists be more excited about getting to know each other and individuals that walk through our door. Our communication amongst one another has increased. We are now engaged and genuinely interested in those around us. Because we are now growing to be on the same page, the energy has changed. There is a sense of unity and understanding. With this, we try our best to bestow value to each guest and make sure they walk away feeling cared for and understood.
Like any salon, we have not reached the end! There is always room for my team to grow as well as myself. I know that in being an ambassador for my salon, I’d be able to bring encouragement and accountability back to help each of us thrive at what we are trying to do. In keeping everyone on track though, there needs to be passion present throughout it all. This makes me so excited about where we are headed. The sky is our limit.