Allison Clauson | Stylist |Synergy Salon, ID

Allison Clauson | Stylist |Synergy Salon, ID

Prosperity to me is learning and growing in business and at home on a daily basis to reach my goals and dreams. Since taking Qnity I have a whole new outlook on how I can help build my team and how that in turn will help me attain my goals.

            Our team just took Qnity two weeks ago and the results we have seen are astronomical in my opinion. I have been able to fill out the salon wide Tuesday Trackers and see huge growth! What amazes me is watching the girls pull together in their small groups and track their numbers. They are so excited about their small wins. There are ACCE cards all over the place. That to me is so inspiring to watch our team pull together and grow.

            I hope that by becoming an Ambassador I can learn from other leaders around the country. I want to be a positive leader in our salon. I want to be able to bring back my knowledge and help every individual I can to prosper in their own way.

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