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What to do when you can’t work

  Things to do when you can’t work  by Adrienne Tousignant   The CoronaVirus has forced many professionals into work from home mode, with only essential businesses allowed to remain open. For professionals in the service industry, a business closing means the disappearance of a paycheck. Along with the uncertainty of a global pandemic, many […]

The transformative power of Qnity Tools

When I first attended Qnity, I went to a public version of the full four module program, and I was fascinated to see how people were so inspired. Qnity teaches the importance of the numbers, while equally tying them to what people’s passions and goals are. I actually just recently found the first QPlan I […]

Hear from a Qnity in-house Trainer

Kippin, recently becoming a certified in-house Qnity educator. Whether you are a business owner, leader, manager, or a service provider – your business will benefit by having an in house Qnity Trainer. Over the three day certification period, trainers will receive a Qnity Trainer kit, Qnity training power-points, personalized support, and access to our private […]

Execution, Engagement, Communication – Oh my!

“Qnity is just different. I take classes all the time, I seriously spend thousands and thousands of dollars on education. There is absolutely nothing out there like Qnity that understands visual and creative learning, and makes it all SO simple.” Hear from Andrea Swanson, Owner of Taylor Stevens SalonSpa on her Qnity journey As a […]

Candice’s Qnity Story

My first experience with Qnity was at the full day Qnity for Leaders program. I left the training feeling inspired and with a clear head. It’s hard to chose just one part of Qnity as my favorite because all the modules tie together in so many areas. The FOCUS piece had a particularly large impact […]

Growth at Aura

Aura sent 20 service providers through the 13 week Qnity for Teams ‘Growth’ program, and the final results are in! Read below for a summary of results and a few thoughts from the Aura leadership team. The Goal: 17% increase in total sales for each participant (compared to the same time period last year) Final […]

Davanti’s growth & expansion

Hear from Melody, Director of Operations & Kippin, Director of Lasting impressions at Davanti Salons and spas on their growth and expansion Enterprise Growth year over year: (2014/2015) – 22.63% in total sales and 16.75% in total guest count (2015/2016)- 25.19% in total sales and 17.62% in total guest count (2016/2017) – still seeing growth 4% in […]

Jessica’s Qnity Story

  Director of Educator Development | Jean Madeline Institutes  My favorite part about Qnity is the sense of “family”. That unity paired with business using whole brained thinking and training techniques I think can transform the workplace into something everyone can connect to. I know among the Directors on our team we frequently reference “4 […]

Liberty’s Qnity Story

Meet Liberty, a 24 year old restaurant owner and entrepreneur on the beautiful island of Curacao. Here’s a bit more about her experience.   Qnity came to me at the right time, the timing couldn’t be any better. I was in need of a bit of guidance, a bit more support from outside my circle and […]