Kippin, recently becoming a certified in-house Qnity educator.

Whether you are a business owner, leader, manager, or a service provider – your business will benefit by having an in house Qnity Trainer. Over the three day certification period, trainers will receive a Qnity Trainer kit, Qnity training power-points, personalized support, and access to our private trainer community; providing trainers with the resources, confidence and skills to teach the FULL Qnity curriculum to fellow team members or employees.
The best part is? Well, there’s actually two. First, this allows your business to customize when you teach Qnity. Whether you teach the modules in two consecutive days, or over the course of four months – it’s on your terms. We will guide and support you throughout the entire roll out process to ensure it’s delivered with maximum impact. The second, it’s SO economical! All Trainers leave with 10 Qnity training toolkits (enough to train 10 people) – and for all future trainings receive preferred material pricing. Here’s what recent Qnity certified Trainer, Kippin said about her experience.
“I’m actually a pretty nervous speaker even in front of my own team, and the Trainer Certification taught me it isn’t about me and what I’m saying, but instead it’s about how my team is experiencing the Qnity material. By putting into action the Qnity Triad of Learning, I was able to shift the focus from being about me the speaker, to being about my team as the learners. I attended the Qnity certification in March and after teaching the program we are already about to promote one of our stylists who has put into action what she’s learned from Qnity!
I loved the immersive experience of the Trainer certification, we got to learn how to bring the program to life while also having fun! We also learned how to fully engage our learners and let them learn by doing. I also loved the deeper connections I was able to make with other attendees, it was such a welcoming and encouraging group. I wish I could have Carrie (Qnity’s Director of Learning/Development) with me all the time!
I’d recommend the Qnity Trainer Certification program because it has helped me come out of my shell and gain confidence with public speaking. It has not only helped me have to tools to train my team for the first time, but also keep the momentum going stronger. I feel like the program not only re-energized me, but has also re-energized my whole team. Our business is unique with our two owners, Randy and Tracee being absentee owners. Through me being Qnity certified and the tools I’ve learned, they are truly seeing the value.”

“Qnity is just different. I take classes all the time, I seriously spend thousands and thousands of dollars on education. There is absolutely nothing out there like Qnity that understands visual and creative learning, and makes it all SO simple.”

Hear from Andrea Swanson, Owner of Taylor Stevens SalonSpa on her Qnity journey

As a stylist by training, and now as a business owner with a business partner who is not a stylist, I’ve always felt there was a disconnect on how to effectively deliver information – particularly related to the business side – to my team. We have always been great with systems, Strategies, 4Mat, you name it. While both of those are great, it still seemed like we weren’t connecting the information to the team. That was until I found Qnity.

Being an education junkie, I heard of Qnity several times through the grapevine. While I always heard great things, I honestly didn’t really “get” what it was until I experienced it firsthand. I took a leap of faith, and brought Qnity in privately to my business to work with my entire staff. Immediately I knew this was what was missing. Instantly, I saw the light-bulbs in my team and that the information was actually resonating. They finally were able to SEE it. My staff is growing financially and professionally; and as a business owner, this has allowed me to provide them with more opportunities for continued prosperity. There’s been so many other positive impacts, here’s just a few of the areas we’ve seen results in.

Communication: Transforming our morning huddles through use of the 9Grid

Literally right after the program, we implemented the 9Grid as a way to simplify and structure our daily morning huddles. It was so simple, but magical. Prior to Qnity, our morning huddles were SO analytical and linear. We changed the morning huddle to be on one single 9grid, and it was an INSTANT success. Everyone picked it up right away.

Execution: Simplifying our monthly meetings to follow the 8 Seasons Calendar

This is one of my FAVORITE things about Qnity. This system/tool was so simple and so intuitive for me. In the past, we used to do monthly meetings, and nothing would actually get done. Meetings would come so quickly that it felt like we were always pulling things out of left field. Moving to Qnity’s 8 Seasons, so 8 meetings – (which is about every 6 weeks) just makes so much sense. It follows a client and product lifestyle. Everyone is now connected to the “why” around this system, because there’s actually a sense of purpose for each meeting. It’s incredibly grounding for us. Our team used to DREAD meetings, but now following this system, my staff LOVES coming to them!

Engagement: ACCE-ing as a key part of our culture

Before Qnity, I would completely forget to acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries. By no means was this intentional, they would just go by unnoticed! After reaching a certain amount of employees, it just started getting lost. Qnity teaches the practice of ACCE-ing – Appreciate, Care, Challenge and Encourage. I began to structure this, including ALWAYS appreciating people on their anniversaries and birthdays. Now, ACCE is just a part of who we are. It doesn’t even have to be expensive! I am so organized with this now, I personally shop for them, and I never spend more than $10. Each person on my team has ZERO doubt they are appreciated. Qnity reminded me how much we as humans need be appreciated and cared for. Especially creative people. And it doesn’t have to be money! I may not always be able to pay my staff more money, but I can ALWAYS appreciate them. It’s really as simple as that.

Qnity is just different. I take classes all the time, I seriously spend thousands and thousands of dollars on education. There is absolutely nothing out there like Qnity that understands visual and creative learning, and makes it all SO simple. Some classes you go to once, and you take some good notes and that’s about it. With Qnity, it’s a constant learning and supportive environment, everything and everyone in the community supports one another. There will always be more to learn and more to grow with.

I recently became certified with Qnity as a certified trainer, so I can truly know the Qnity tools and curriculum inside out. The education is key and you can ALWAYS reintroduce Qnity in a different way. With the support Qnity gives, there’s so much information and there’s so much to give, and I am looking forward to continuing the Qnity journey within my business and as an individual.

My first experience with Qnity was at the full day Qnity for Leaders program. I left the training feeling inspired and with a clear head. It’s hard to chose just one part of Qnity as my favorite because all the modules tie together in so many areas. The FOCUS piece had a particularly large impact on me personally, while the ENGAGE piece has helped me become a better leader for my team.

I’m a doer. I have a tendency to get excited and take on new goals and projects. Some of them end up causing me unnecessary stress because they take too much time and don’t end up giving me the results I wanted to see! I used a Qnity tool called the 9Grid to plan out the projects and programs that I needed to move on from. Not only did it feel like a huge weight off of me, but I felt empowered and ready to focus on what truly needed to be done.

One of the things that I realized I had a bad habit of neglecting was expressing gratitude. I have always been extremely grateful for my team, but now with a clear head and the information I learned in the engage module, I have realized just how easy it is to show someone you care and make their day. As a result, I am now noticing that the coaching sessions I have with my team members are being received better as well.

The Qnity program is unique in the way that it is so simple yet SO impactful. For an over-thinker like myself, Qnity has been a game changer.