Brandi Munroe | Stylist | Salon Nouveau, IN

Prosperity, to me, means continuing to grow, both personally and professionally. To do what you love, achieve your goals, and have a happy, balanced and fulfilling life.
Qnity has helped myself and our salon team prosper by providing us with a fresh set of skills to help us simplify our tracking and focus in the right things. It’s has also reminded us of the importance of celebrating small wins, and to ACCE eachother, our clients, and ourselves!
Since attending Qnity, I have a new outlook on my daily routine. I stay more organized at home and the salon by utilizing 9Grid’s and referencing my QPlan. I do “background checks” on my clients service and retail history at the start of each day. This helps me be more prepared to meet their needs, and look for add-on opportunities. I’ve been a stylist for 14 years and am not proud to admit that I rarely checked my numbers! The Tuesday Tracker has been a valuable resource.
There have been noticeable results, both for myself and the salon as a whole. We’re more enthusiastic and motivated. My personal numbers have grown, as well as the salon as a whole. I journal every night to celebrate a success or note a challenge. This helps me to literally turn the page and start the next day fresh. Who knew using my left brain could feel so right brained!
I’m excited to become a Qnity Ambassador so that I can be a resource to help our team understand and utilize all the Qnity tools, and to encourage growth throughout our whole team.