Brandy is a stylist at True Blue Salon in Nashville, Tennessee.  She was a fully booked stylist that just had a baby. Major game changer! Everything in her life changed and using Qnity 9GRIDS and the Prosperity Journal for notes helped to keep hers organized with personal goals, as well as her current assistant. Read on to see how see how she handles this shift in her professional and personal life.

 Brandy started a 9GRID for her assistant Katelyn

and then let her fill in the rest!

“Coming back from maternity leave was terrifying, exhausting, and exciting all rolled into one. It was the longest I’d been away from my chair in sixteen years–10.5 weeks, in addition to a lessened schedule the two months prior to my leave. Mentally, I was 100% ready to socialize and be creative. Physically and emotionally, not so much. I missed my baby terribly, I was exhausted by noon, and, yet,  my ego was a little bruised that I wasn’t 100% booked…
Then it all came full circle–it wasn’t time for me to be 100% busy. I was clearly not the same Brandy I was two months prior, nor would I ever be, or want to…
Even if I wanted to be guns blazing, I physically could NOT do it. I had to let that go! Many times over the first few weeks I would walk into Kim’s office and state “I don’t know what to do with myself.” And she didn’t either. This was a first across the board.
Soon enough, I was able to acknowledge what was going on.. MY PERSPECTIVE WAS CHANGING… My newfound time allowed me to sit and mentor my former assistants, provided opportunities to see new guests, a quick chance for current guests to have major color changes without rushing or scheduling weeks out, and most of all–share baby photos! The clients I had “lost” weren’t lost, they were with my former assistant — what better way for their books to grow and gain confidence with people they already know.”

“After Kim pulled my numbers, we realized I was right on track or even higher than I was last year–all while working less hours. Numbers = truth.


Here is a 9GRID “Honey DO List!”

I am naturally a goal-setter, having Qnity to keep it all in one place is grand. Especially since, I’m a tad scatterbrained at this point in my life. The truth is, I tend to leave my husband 9-Grid Honey-Do lists, as well. Yay! Qnity!”