Brittany has been behind the chair since 2007 and had always been very successful at her craft with out really having to think about it. She was a Master Stylist Level II and Artistic Team Lead at her old salon. That is where she first took the Qnity program but did not take full advantage of its benefits. Little did she know that that later that year she would be using it’s tools and tips to rebuild a clientele. Something that she had not had to do in years!
A move from Fort Worth to Houston would change everything. Lucky for Brittany she was able to find an amazing new salon family at Vanity and could not be happier! One of the things that attracted her to Vanity was that they were already using Qnity! Something she learned from following their Instagram!
Brittany describes herself as a “numbers freak!” She loves to keep track of her numbers, trying to beat her last week/month/year, comparing herself to her teammates, and challenging herself to always do better. “I’ve always been that way and Qnity gave me a format to be able to do that more easily! This is where her Tuesday Tracker comes in! It helps her reflect on the week before. WHY did she have a good week? WHY was last week not so hot? She can then decides what other Qnity tools she can pull out to help her improve and motivate herself.
Brittany loves 9 GRIDS! She says when you put your goals on paper they come to life! She uses 9GRIDS on both personal and professional goals. Breaking big goals down into action steps make them seem more achievable to her.

Qnity has made me more mindful of the opportunities right in front of me.” -Brittany Tedder