Chelsie Zacha | Stylist | Salon Nouveau, IN

Chelsie Bernaert | Stylist | Salon Nouveau, IN

Prosperity to me means being able to visually see and achieve goals in both my career and personal life. If we progress, we prosper. Since Qnity, I have a whole new outlook on everything. Our salon has continued using the Qnity Tools and have stayed motivated to progress.
Our numbers have all grown already and have been celebrating small wins daily. We all want to make more money while doing what we love. Seeing our clients happy and feeling beautiful is a reward within itself. I feel we all get stuck at times and this for me is exactly what I needed to overcome that!
The 9Grid to me is my favorite tool. I can use it for everything, work related or personal. Visually seeing this helps keep me on track to prosper in things that mean the most. The positivity is contagious. I hope to continue to bring that to my team as a Salon Ambassador!
Create something Brilliant

Create something Brilliant

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