Core Qnity Program Teams

For companies serious about investing in their employees, to help them personally earn more money, do what they love and have a life – this two day, four module program for the entire team is an experience you and your staff will never forget. Similar to our Qnity for Leaders  this is our core four module program geared towards service providers or “intrapreneurs”, providing simple, visual and fun tools to help them go from ‘knowing’ to DOING. This program is proven to create massive breakthroughs in financial performance, staff engagement, leadership development, communication and execution. Included as part cost of the program, we will work with you and your leadership team virtually for the immediate 13 weeks following the on site portion of the program on what we refer to as a 17% challenge. While the goal outcomes of this program are holistic and not all related to performance, we of course want you to see growth. While we can’t guarantee specific results, our metric is simple. At the end of the 13 weeks, our goal is for each service provider to get 17% Growth in Total Sales. As part of this 13 week follow up, after the onsite portion of the program leadership teams will work with Qnity virtually on tracking, analysis, coaching and more to ensure maximum results and successful implementation. Scroll below for a curriculum overview.

*To certify yourself or someone on your team to teach this program in-house, we recommend our Trainer Certification program. Click here to learn more.