I achieved more growth during the 13 week program than I have during my previous two years behind the chair. I was not only able to reach the 17% challenge, I earned more than $8,000 more than projected the past year. I started leading the goal setting meetings with my coworkers to show them small steps to take to reach their financial and career goals, and each of my coworkers hit their goals during the first two months!
Since attending Qnity, I am more confident in my ability to wear all of my hats! As a wife, I feel that my communication with my partner has improved and the time we spend together is more treasured. I feel that I have more personal freedom and extra money, which has resulted in less stress and strain on our relationship. As an employee, I am more excited to take on new tasks and to go through further education. As a stylist, I am connecting more with my current clients, and that is bringing new clients into my chair. I am educating my clients on products and services, and I have seen the positive impact of educating in place of selling both with my clients and with my paychecks.
The Qnity Online Program has allowed me to connect my passion with my paycheck, and has allowed me to have more personal freedom and joy in my life. This program gave me the tools to break through my personal limiting beliefs about finances, math, and staying true to my true calling; loving the person in my chair.