13 weeks to 17% growth in Total Sales

With all the disruption happening in our economy, the biggest issue is under our control: that’s the staggering number of missed opportunities (71%) that slip through our fingers on a daily basis.

Leaders and their teams in creative service industries, particularly in service and retail businesses are facing unprecedented challenges today. Imagine what it would look like to have each of your service providers (or intrapreneurs) grow 17% in TOTAL SALES? Imagine the opportunities you’d be able to provide for your team. Imagine what a 17% increase in TOTAL sales would look like in their paycheck? Maybe they’d be able to finally take that dream vacation, put a down payment on that house they wanted or just simply get some relief to pay off debt.

We have been delivering a live version of this course over the past year, and the average company increased 11% in total sales. We’re now thrilled to officially launch the COMPLETELY virtual  version of this program just for YOU! Join us for this 13 week virtual GROWTH course, and gain access to a private community of participants across the country, custom one-on-one support, and weekly tracking/analysis of results. We are all heading toward one goal, 17% growth in total sales for each service provider.

For a cost of less than $8 per person (per week) and less than $80 for the company (per week) over the 13 weeks, you can fast track growth with this proven 17% Challenge program.

*Note there is a five person minimum participant count per company due to the level of tracking, analysis and support.

Curriculum Overview

All Video

Module 1 – Why Growth?

Module 2 – Using the Qnity Tracker & Introducing 2 Number Growth

Module 3 – Using Text  & the Qnity QPlan to get Specific on your goals

Module 4 – The 3’C’s in a Challenge using a 9Grid

Module 5 – Accountability & Calendars

Module 6 – Celebrating small wins along the way

How it works

For the first 6 weeks of the course, participants will complete one module a week  (about 45 minutes per each week.) Participants will watch virtually on their own schedule. For the remaining 7 weeks of the program, participants will track their personal results sharing in the private Facebook group, receiving weekly emails, text notifications and optional weekly office hours. Leadership will work directly with Qnity, receiving weekly analysis of results and private support on how to coach towards 17% growth for each participant.

What’s Included

Our proven and tested systems and resources for a successful 17% Challenge!

  • Qnity Toolkit: 9Grids, QPlan’s, QPics and Trackers + Baseline Calculators
  • Six digital modules
  • Weekly emails
  • Weekly office hours
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Three 30 minute private calls with Qnity (per company for leadership)
  • 17 Pin for those achieving 17% or greater  growth


88% Growth in Total Sales

Shaina is a newer stylist, now producing at the level of a master stylist in just 13 weeks. 88% growth in Total Sales and 100% growth in Retail Sales!

Enterprise Growth

23% increase in Total Sales over 13 weeks (for the participants over the same time period last year)

$74k in additional incremental revenue for the business

Leadership development – two stylists promoted into leadership with the support of Qnity

Additional incentives – with the increase in sales, the business owner was able to provide added incentives to encourage performance for the team

67% Growth in Total Sales

Chelsea is a seasoned stylist and is seeing amazing growth. She finished the 13 weeks with 67% growth in Total Sales and an incredible 118% growth in Retail Sales!

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