Introduction to Exit Planning

While most of our work focuses on growing existing businesses,  we can’t ignore this important component of a business owner’s journey. If you are thinking about selling, merging, or bringing on a key employee – this could be the absolute most important financial decision you ever make for you, your team and your family. The harsh reality is that only 1 in 10 small businesses actually transition. Many simply close the doors, ‘turn over the keys’ or have a failed transition – all because the owner or owners fail to plan. If you plan to exit, merge or transition from your business anytime within the next 7 years, the time to start planning is now.

This eight module digital course (completed at your leisure) features live recordings and presentations taken from our full Exit program and includes experts in the areas of exit planning, valuations, wealth management and case studies of successful transitions. This course will help give you valuable insights to begin taking this initial step towards financial freedom. Gain confidence. Be prepared. Maximize your value. Get EXIT educated, so you can be fully prepared when it’s time to EXIT.  

*If you are looking for more hands on support related to your Exit or Transition plan (valuation planning, strategic advisory, click here)

Curriculum Overview:

Module 1:

The basics of Exit planning –with Tom Kuhn, Qnity Founder/Former Multi-Location business owner

Module 2:

The Process & Readiness – with Julie Keyes, certified Exit Planner

Module 3:

Valuations – with Barry Matthews,  former and current CFO for several businesses

Module 4:

Transitioning to key employees – with Dyanne Ross- Hanson,

Module 5:

Case Study – Successful Multi Location Transition, with Bob Steele and Amanda Hair

Module 6:

Tax & Wealth Management – with E Donovan and S Schniederman

Module 7:

Case Study – Bringing on partners – with Joseph Golshani

Module 8:

The Next Act – with Gene Juarez


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