Emerging Leaders at the 2016 2to10 Conference

Emerging Leaders pictured at the 2016 2to10 Conference in Chicago

At this year’s annual 2to10 Conference, 2to10 announced it’s firm commitment to the growth and development of the future generation of leaders within the beauty industry. The first step? A competition!
Emerging LEader Cup
Officially referred to as the ‘Emerging Leaders,’ these talented young individual’s were divided into three teams to compete for the first annual Emerging Leader Cup! They then had several weeks to collaboratively create and ultimately present their business ‘sketch’ on ‘The Salon of Tomorrow’ in front of three judges.
Tom Kuhn, Founder/Creator of The 2to10 Project & Qnity Inc, served as a mentor to provide guidance and prepare each team for their final presentations in front of the judges; Stacey Soble (Editor of Salon Today), James Griffith (Owner of James Griffith Salons), and Stefanie Fox (Owner of Salon CoLab).
Last week, each group delivered a virtual presentation of their final concept to the judges! Criteria for judging was based upon the following areas;

  • Is it feasible?
  • Is it original?
  • Is it innovative?
  • And most importantly, is it executable within the next 24 months?

The prize? $2500 worth of 2to10 Tickets to next year’s Conference, and a feature of the winning concept in the July/August issue of Salon Today magazine!
The winning concept will be announced TODAY! Monday, June 13th At 12:00 pm CST on the Qnity Facebook, Salon Today Facebook, and 2to10 Members can view the results in the Private 2to10 Group!

The Concepts


Convenient luxury meets philanthrophy                 Group Members: Sheema Masood, Amber Burns, Lauren Coover, Jillain Johns, and Ashley Riveria

An eco-friendly salon of the future

An eco-friendly salon of the future             Group Members: Luca Boccia, Jasmine Howard, Colleen Fahy, Darlin Stehle, Wagner Westerbeke

Co-Work + Pop Up

Co-Work + Pop-Up                                         Group Members: AmberLynn Maxwell, Jessica Gordon, Michael Gordon, Garrison Neill, Tatum Neill, and AmberLynn Maxwell

The Emerging Cup is made possible by Qnity and the following Sponsors


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