But first, what is this program?

It’s a 13 week challenge for service provider’s to grow total sales 17% or greaterover their previous average week. This is a streamlined and perfected version of a program we’ve been getting tremendous results with. It’s evidence based, creates behavior changes (especially in creative professions) and we share case studies, etc. Now let’s get to the 5 reasons.


This is a high return on investment program, if an average service provider reaches the 17% goal, it results in another $250 per week. Now that may not seem like a lot, but when you start to add things up it begins to give you some shocking numbers. In fact, the cost to be part of this program is less than $8 a week per service provider and less than $80 per week for the salon. To break it down for you, that’s a return on investment of over 30 to 1 for the service provider and if 10 people in the salon become 17’ers, that’s over a 30 to 1 return on investment for the salon. So question for you. Would you spend 1 dollar, to make 30 dollars? 

2. Ease 

We do the heavy lifting. This is not one more thing for you that’s going to take a ton of time. It’s very little time for the leadership team, and very little time for the service provider. It’s a turn key program. We have the templates, tools and tracking. We work very closely with the leadership team to support results, so while it’s all virtual, it’s high touch virtual.


This is a great time to do this. Many refer to September as the 2nd new year, a time for change. Kids are going back to school (it’s Season 6 “Back to School” here at Qnity), summer is over, and it’s time to get busy. Timing is great because of the momentum it will give you going into the holiday season.


There’s salons and salon professionals across the country that are part of this program. It’s a great sense of sharing and learning from others, and connecting communities.


When service providers feel and see growth, and when we break it down for them that it’s only a couple more clients per week and a slightly higher average ticket, it builds their confidence and they find growth they didn’t know even know was possible. It also builds confidence in leadership teams, because growth is elusive today and this program is proven to get growth.
The program officially begins the week of September 2nd. But don’t worry, everything is recorded so you are able to access all modules on your own time!

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