Hannah- Ambassador

Hannah Arant | Manager/Stylist | Trixie’s Salon, IA

My favorite part about Qnity is how helps you to connect the head and heart- to create a balance between a prosperous career and a prosperous life outside of the salon. Qnity has helped for me to simplify things- I love numbers but don’t always know what to do with them!
With 9Grids, I can organize my thoughts and goals, and with the Tuesday Tracker I have been able to outline what is most important behind the chair to improve.
I have also take a lot away from what I learned about right and left brain. While sometimes I tend to be more left brained, I have been able to better understand why people learn how they do and how to connect with them more effectively.
hannah's 9Grid
With my coworkers, I love how much we use the 9Grid. It always helps us to organize all our ideas and work as a team. It has also been awesome to see my coworkers create a better relationship with numbers – to be able to analyze their numbers themselves without the leadership team having to always explain is so empowering for the stylists.
Lastly, of course it’s fun to see my peers “ACCE” each other. Love seeing that teamwork and connection built! As a manager, I love the ACCE section of Qnity. That has helped tie together for me how to show appreciation and stay grounded.
ACCE= Appreciate, Care, Challenge, Encourage

ACCE= Appreciate, Care, Challenge, Encourage

As a manager of a new location, I would love to be an Ambassador and to share more of Qnity with the new staff. I would love to be able to expedite our growth as a new location by putting these new systems in place. There is something for everyone to take away from Qnity and I can’t wait to share with them how you can have both a prosperous life, at work and at home.