Since attending Qnity in 2017, I have grown both personally and professionally. The conscious collectives of the collaborators who cultivated the Qnity program provides a deep wealth of expertise and insight that is precious to Salon professionals. Qnity reaches into the hearts and minds of anyone lucky enough to attend, by empowering us to know our numbers and set attainable goals, connect us with like- minded entrepreneurs, giving our days structure, and granting us life- long skills.
Goal setting has never been easier with the 17% structure. Every Thursday I help my coworkers track their progress, in a multitude of categories, from the prior week using the Tuesday Tracker sheets. I find it imperative to success and engagement in our salon. Not only does it serve as a motivational tool to keep bettering our personal sales, but it also unifies our team because it is an activity everyone values and enjoys. I love watching my numbers grow, and having a weekly correlation that directly demonstrates how I have control over my earnings. Starting the day with a structured plan in the morning huddles sets an intension of mindfulness and renews my energy and focus. There is a sense of accountability and pride associated with the contribution I track weekly, to not only my own financial flexibility, but also to the community of Canyon River. It is widely known that knowledge is power, through the Tuesday Tracker system I learned in Qnity, I know how every dollar I make is contributing to my long term goals.
Qnity connects us with individuals who honestly care about our well-being, entrepreneurs who are also lovely humans! It is absolute truth that sustainable success derives from employees who feel supported, not just in their endeavors that are directly business related, but also in the endeavors of the heart. It is essential to know what enriches our lives, and how we can bring that fire and passion into our salons. Tom Kuhn demonstrated the power of the 9 grid resource, taking any goal and breaking it down into manageable pieces. Moving forward, I would like to utilize this within the salon to motivate and support one another, as well as promote this tool to showcase the power we have to reach our goals, when we are engaging with our numbers. The 9 Grid exercise made me feel like I was a part of something bigger, it validated me as an individual with goals and dreams, and from that validation I felt empowered to make adjustments behind the chair to grow my personal business, which in turn allowed me to reach my goals. Qnity is not just about helping me grow financially; there is an abundance of literature and tools that can be used only for increasing productivity, it is delivering results because it has a heart that people connect with and believe in. I don’t feel like number with Qnity, I am stronger in my business pursuits, and in my life, because I am fulfilled in my spirit. My business has grown exponentially because I radiate love, happiness, and gratitude because I am empowered! I want to delve deeper into Qnity and share these teachings with my peers.
A major point of difference between Qnity and other education I have participated in lies within the duality of the program. It is not solely about maximizing productivity through doing more sales, because while sales do matter tremendously, they are not the primary building blocks of positive culture, Qnity knows that the fulfilled employee will always be more productive, and work for you longer, than a disengaged, under motivated employee. When people take an interest in figuring out how to grow you, not only professionally, but also personally, it enriches the intangible parts of the day-to-day work place that make a company successful, such as the culture, and workplace satisfaction. I want to become a Qnity ambassador because I am living in my peak integrity when I am applying my Qnity knowledge. I had never felt so supported, loved or inspired to do right by my fellow stylists, clients, and friends after any education; it radiates out of my being and I want to be officially spreading the Qnity word! Thank you, Qnity!