Interactive Keynote

Qnity Founder & CEO is an acclaimed speaker and educator, consistently rated as “world class” on the Net Promoter Score. A former CPA-turned multi-location salon owner, Tom has the unique ability to balance right brain and left brain thinking, allowing him to easily connect with both creative and financial professionals. Passionate about using simple and actionable tools to drive performance, enhance culture and build community, Tom is a visionary educator, speaker and leader. Over the last several years, Tom’s revolutionary approach has touched more than 30,000 people around the world through Qnity programs and speaking engagements.

Tom’s extensive street credibility comes from decades of experience as a founder, owner and C-level executive in creative services, retail, distribution, manufacturing, consulting and education. For more than 35 years, 15 of them as a CPA, he’s been passionately committed to helping entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs earn more money, do what they love and have great quality of life. Prior to founding Qnity, Tom was President and Co-owner of JUUT, the original and largest AVEDA™ salon in the world with locations in Minnesota and California and $25 MM in annual revenue. Tom is also the creator and chief executive of the 2 to 10™ Project, a $350 million benchmarking and networking collaborative of market leaders from multi-location businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Tom also enjoys adventure, whether it’s traveling with his family, crossing the country on a freight train or manning Shorty’s Hot Dog stand every year at the South Dakota State Fair, a family-owned business since 1925.

Book an interactive keynote your attendees will never forget. Tying together pieces from the rich suite of Qnity tools and curriculum, our keynotes leave participants with simple, visual and actionable tools they can use over and over to create lasting behavior changes. All keynotes are customizable based on participant headcount, desired outcomes and time requirements.