Jodi's Qnity Story
Qnity has been a great source of growth and encouragement for myself and my co workers. The tools that Qnity provides are simple and helpful. They force me to be more organized!! My favorite tool, so far, is the Tuesday Tracker. I also love ACCE-ing my co-workers and building them up!
Tracking my numbers weekly has really helped me! I track half way through the week and again at the end of the week. In doing this, I am able to see where I’m at and what I need to do in order to reach my goals. This has helped me to be more conscience about offering ad on services and talk about retail with my guests. I have seen some great results with myself and my co-workers. My numbers have been increasing, and I have exceeded my retail goal almost every month for the last year or more.
My Qnity partner has seen her numbers increase as well! She went from never reaching her goal to exceeding it regularly! Tracking has helped her so much. We also talked about ways to suggest products to guests and what verbiage to use. This all really helped her. I love to encourage people and make them feel good about themselves. I plan to find ways to build up my team members through out each month. I’m excited to be an Ambassador!