JP Gunderson | Stylist | Bravo Salon, WI

JP Gunderson | Esthetician | Bravo Salon, WI

Personal behavior changes include taking time to set my daily intention, something I told myself I would do every day…and now I just DO it! Professionally, my biggest change has been to remain confident…I don’t have to “sell”, I have an obligation to educate and inform and recommend. Easy. Also, I am not in charge of anyone else’s spending habits, so I have stopped wondering what the spending cap is for each guest and go back to educate, inform, and recommend. Holy Buckets, did that up my retail numbers week two!!!
Truthfully, the results are everywhere! Tuesday Tracking shows in black and white where team members are excelling and where there may be room for improvement.
As an Ambassador, I would continue to be the cheerleader for Team Bravo, rallying behind the troops, leading by example, and sharing my knowledge and experiences with those around me to help others create their own prosperity. It has always been my passion to help others discover the best version of themselves!