I first attended a Qnity workshop in October 2014 in Charlotte, NC. At that time, I was working with a salon and searching for a program to reenergize the salon team and grow the business! After the workshop, I started integrating the program in the salon. I began weekly one-one meetings with the stylists to discuss their numbers and set goals, and I also began 2015 planning using the 8 Season Calendar. Shortly thereafter, the salon had the opportunity to partner with AVEDA and Tom Kuhn, and bring the Qnity program to the whole salon team!
From that point, until I left the salon in April 2015, the team adopted Qnity and became actively engaged in understanding their numbers, focusing on individual and team growth, and being accountable for their overall contributions. For the first time in my experience at the salon, the staff seemed genuinely excited and engaged with the business. In my last week at the salon, we saw an increase of more than 15% in Service, Total Sales, and Average Ticket, as well as an increase of 30% in Retail. This growth was directly related to the focus and measuring of the goals!


Kerry’s son, Nolan uses his 9Grid to stay focused in school and to stay on track!

Since leaving the salon last year, I have continued to incorporate Qnity and the 9Grid into both my professional and personal life. With Qnity and the tools it provides, the modules help shape a more guided approach to problem solving and achieving a results-oriented life.

I continue to utilize the Qnity approach in my work as a small business consultant. The program helped reshape the way I interpret content and how I share assessments and feedback with my clients. I opened my own consulting firm in October 2015, and serve mostly small business owners who work in the business and are directly accountable to bottom line revenue.

What has been an interesting observation for me is to see first hand how many business owners spend most of their day working IN the business, but do not leave enough time to work ON the business! One of the things I am most passionate about is showing small business owners the growth potential of their business and helping them create a strategic path to prosperity. Creating focus and actionable goals helps build momentum, and accountability to these goals breeds success!

Following this plan, and incorporating some of the Qnity Tools, has helped me grow my business as well, resulting in a 70% increase in revenue in just six months! And the best part for me, as a mom and an entrepreneur, is that I am working smarter, which allows me to spend more time with my children and less time stuck behind my computer!


Audrey’s 9Grid helps her get straight A’s!!

In my personal life, I have incorporated the 9Grid’s with my family to plan trips, projects, and responsibility charts! My daughter, Audrey, fell in love with the 9Grid concept last summer and uses them frequently in her work at school and at home! After recently receiving her 4th straight A report card of the year, Audrey decided she wanted to stay focused and finish with a Straight A school year! She set her goal and came up with specific ways to focus on reaching her goal.
As her mom, I love seeing Audrey set goals and understand her accountabilities- it is a life skill that will help her be successful in everything she does! All three of my children, ages 13, 11, and 8, have 9Grid responsibility charts to earn allowance. I really like how this visual tool allows us to have teachable moments throughout the week, and actively participate in the four modules: Focus, Measure, Engage, and Prosper!

Kerry Winslow is a consultant to small businesses to help create focus and achieve results. She is a wife, entrepreneur, and a mother of three children living in North Carolina.


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