My favorite part about Qnity is how it is such a great tool overall to keep me focused on my goals. It helps me put together all of the different pieces of the business and my job to help make me more accountable. I love doing the Tuesday trackers for being able to simply see and organize both service and retail. Also, I love the notecard writing because it helps make such a great connection between clients and myself. Qnity is great for helping me organize and not just focusing on the numbers.
Overall I think as a salon and personally Qnity has helped to change our salon for the better. I have a lot more awareness such as using the Tuesday Tracker and using the notecards. I am also more motivated because I can see the impact Qnity has made. I am more conscious of how to achieve the goals I have, as well as a different way of thinking. I have always had a lot of goals both personally and professionally, and the different Qnity tools have helped me to make a real plan and follow through. Overall, Qnity is just a great reminder of who we are as a salon and what our purpose is.
Since bringing Qnity into our salon almost two years ago now I have seen a shift in the focus at our salon as well as redefining our purpose. Things are always changing in our industry and Qnity has helped us stay on track with what we want to be like as a team and salon. It is also pretty encouraging to see people writing notecards in the back and helping encourage each other in our small groups.
Our monthly meetings are also derived from various Qnity tools that we are needing in that specific season. I am excited to hopefully be able to go through this journey as an Ambassador in order to help be a leader for our team and also to provide encouragement. I know that I will learn more about the tools and will be able to implement them into our monthly meeting and small groups. It will be a great way for me to grow personally and professionally, but also to learn new tools to be able to grow as a team at the salon. With Qnity and all of the various tools there is something for everyone, so I look forward to taking away something that will be able to help someone else.