Lacy Dunn from Five Senses Salon in Peoria IL has had much success with her 9GRID and Tuesday Tracker!

Since taking Q+A, she has seen not only seen a difference in her numbers but in the whole salon atmosphere.

She is seeing her co-workers ACCE‘ing one another on a daily basis!



ACCE= Appreciate, Care, Challenge, Encourage

The 9GRID has helped Lacy look at situations in a different way. She likes how you can take a 9GRID and make a goal for yourself, your salon, or even to ACCE someone! She believes it is a beneficial technique to see where you’re at and where you want to go. We couldn’t agree more!
Tuesday tracker is MY FAVORITE!” says Lacy. “I have been a numbers person since I started doing hair 5 years ago because I like to be successful and checking your numbers and see where you’re at can always help you grow.”

Her service numbers have increased by 15-20% and her average retail ticket has

risen tremendously from $9 to between $15-20!!!


Seeing a difference in my service and retail

really boosts my confidence!” says Lacy.

Since taking Q & A I have seen a difference in my numbers and in the whole salon atmosphere. Seeing co-workers ACCE‘ing one another is such a cool experience because you don’t see that other places. The program has definitely helped me grow in my numbers. One way I would say that has helped is by tracking my numbers and always giving myself a goal to do better than I did the week before. Although, sometimes you at have slow weeks, but when you’re busy you see a big difference.

My motivation simply comes from doing what I love.

If I didn’t love this industry and making people feel good

I wouldn’t be where I’m at.