Liza Howard
My Favorite thing about Qnity how it helps you to get all your thoughts and goals out of your head and onto paper. Then, it gives you simple step by step ways to achieve them. It is simple and clear. It also provides support, encouragement and accountability to keep moving forward.
Awareness and consistency are what have changed most for me since attending Qnity. I have always been one of those weird people that loves budgeting and charts and putting things on paper. But I am much more consistent with it now as opposed to just when the mood strikes. Also, the awareness of the details. I tend to think very “big picture” and sometimes the little things get lost. The little day to day things can be just as important.
I am on week 8 of the 13 weeks and have already seen 17% growth from my baseline most weeks! As mentioned, the awareness and consistency has been big for me. With that I am able to see every week and/or season where growth has been achieved and where I need to pay more attention.  2 Number Growth makes it very simple and not overwhelming.
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I believe when you stop learning you stop growing. As a new salon owner, growth is what we are all aiming for. My team is very excited about the growth they have seen and will see in the future. We have already implemented the Tuesday Tracker and as I learn and become comfortable with all the tools of Qnity will bring them back to team for continued growth!