Qnity is not just for Service Providers!!!


Since Rain Salon and Spa in Meridian, Idaho attended Qnity,

Morgan noticed a pivotal difference in the performance of staff!

And not just from service providers!

The front desk (who does not track numbers) have been able to transform the Qnity tools to help them better their performance. Front desk creates weekly goals on a 9Grid to keep themselves accountable in areas of writing thank you’s, giving tours, up-selling services, and getting comfortable with simply getting to know Rain’s loyal guests. The tools Qnity provide help to highlight the characteristics and qualities that the staff possess, but Qnity allows everyone to see what steps could be taken in order to achieve their individual goals. Qnity helped the frontline to break down the process of bettering a business one step at a time.
Morgan says, “Qnity is not only a professional tool but also something that has assisted many in transforming their personal lives and outlook.”


Create something Brilliant

Morgan shared this wisdom with us and we could not agree or be more proud!!
“Working in the front line many people may think we do not have our own clients or a way to gain referrals but in my short 3 years I have learned quickly that we really have our own set of clients, walk ins! A percentage of our guests come in to us weekly or monthly to pick up their favorite products, grab a cup of tea, and get on their way. I have learned their faces quickly and am able to grab their products off the shelf before they even reach the door. In the last year I began handing out referral cards, knowing they love their products. This allows them to gain $25 off product by simply sending someone into us! It is not only a great way to retain and gain new clients but also let our walk ins know we still appreciate them! Front desk makes a point to send out 1 thank you note a week to someone they helped!”

Since beginning Qnity and incorporating the tools, Rain Salon and Spa have had six people raise their service/sales by 17% each week since the course! They send out about 50 ‘Lost Art Thank You’s’ each week & have seen huge success in bringing back guests!!


It all starts with the first impression when the guest walks through the door!

Congratulations to the frontline at Rain!!