Natalie Ambassador
Qnity has really helped to push me out of my comfort zone. I am excited to use the Qnity tools to step outside of my box more and more.
I love that Qnity has brought our Vesta team closer in so many different ways. It has really encouraged people to build their business with whichever Qnity tool works for them. Whether it’s tracking your numbers, doing 9Grids or making a QPlan for inspiration – there are options for everyone. It’s not just about the numbers!
I have never been very good at actually writing my goals and inspirations out on paper. Since we have started Qnity I have been mapping everything out with 9Grids and it has been so helpful. I am then able to see the progress that I am making and that keeps me motivated to keep it up!
Qnity has really helped me stay focused and aware with all my clients. I have been looking at guests history before they come in each day.  By doing this I am able to focus on each guests needs and give specific suggestions. Since I have been doing that I have noticed a big difference in my retail and service numbers. Every guest every time!
I hope to encourage others to meet their goals. I am also excited to help organize some fun team meetings that will get people excited about what we do!