Qnity taught me that Numbers are simply facts. Facts that when paid attention to, instead of going to New Orleans to celebrate my honeymoon, we can go to IRELAND!

Johanna Schabarker | Stylist | Salon Montage, MT

Qnity has taught me so many things! A few stand outs are Simplify, 4 times 4 ways….and 17% growth! Keeping these things among other Qnity lessons in mind, I have become more engaged and focused. I have only been using this (Qnity system) for two weeks now, but already I am noticing positive reactions from my clients on a personal level and also an increase in sales!

ACCE use for Email

I absolutely believe that being more engaged with my clients has created trust and organically increased my retail and add on sales. My co workers and I have really taken ACCE-ing to heart !!! The reaction is soooo positive! Energy is such a strong power and I think that even though we’ve created a culture at Studio Montage that revolves around community, family, and understanding we’ve added an even higher level of bonding.

I feel as though being much more left brained, Qnity helps me to bring a little more heart into it and it also helps me to teach those (the majority) numbers in a way that is not scary! I love numbers! I am so excited to be able to use Qnity to teach others that numbers truly are just another language, that appreciation paired with challenging, care, and encourgament can cultivate a better environment, AND grow their business using small steps!

Small steps