Paige Robertson- Soleil
My favorite part about Qnity are the 9Grid’ss. I have been using them since I took the class with Tom and I have seen such an improvement in my personal life and professional life! The whole program itself has made a huge difference on how I stay focused on my goals and keep moving forward with my career.
I think my behaviors have changed most within my professional career, I have stayed more on task and am more motivated to further my career in the industry. It has kept me focused on what I am doing in the salon but also with my college course’s that I am taking online. I have been able to stay on task and stay focused on my goals and what it will take to get me there.
I think what I plan to bring back to my team is positivity and ways to use the tools to stay focused on what they want and their goals. Our team has used 9Grid’s for most things through out the salon. They are hung up EVERYWHERE. With being an Ambassador my hopes are to bring in new ideas and expand their minds to Qnity and show them how many different ways this program can help them succeed!