Paige is a stylist and recent Qnity Online Graduate

Paige Snyder is a stylist and Qnity Online Graduate

I have recently completed the Qnity Online Program and would like to share some things I have learned in the past few months. I think the three most important things I will take away from Qnity are small wins, going from knowing to doing, and also completing my Tuesday Tracker.
I love the concept of small wins because you can celebrate anything that gets you towards your bigger goal! Sometimes your end goal can seem so far away and maybe even more difficult, but by celebrating small wins you can continue to grow and get a little closer to the end result but still take it day by day.
Going from Knowing to DOING seems like a no brainer but sometimes it just isn’t that simple! Using what you know and actually taking steps in the right direction takes more effort then you think. But just remembering the “doing” aspect of it all can really make a difference day to day and it will keep you “doing.”
I also enjoyed the Tuesday Tracker because seeing every number weekly was something new to me. I used to do totals bi-weekly and only saw my service totals and nothing else! I just knew I had a good paycheck or a decent one, but I didn’t know why. Seeing every number including client count weekly really helped me understand why my numbers were what they were and also how I can improve them.
The Qnity Tuesday Tracker

The Qnity Tuesday Tracker

My favorite module of Qnity was MEASURE. I liked Measure because like I stated before I only saw my numbers but didn’t know what they meant. I now know how to keep track daily, weekly, and even monthly. It won’t be a surprise when I get my yearly reviews because I have the tools to know how I’m doing at all times. I also enjoyed the 2 Number Growth because it was simple and you can choose how you want to grow your business, and it can even change daily!
I think what is going to change for me after completing this program is how I will now take responsibility for my successes but also my losses. No one else can grow my business, increase my retail, or gain new clients. It’s up to me every day to make that decision and I will try to remember that day in and day out. I love my job and I want to be the best stylist and co-worker I can be but it’s ultimately up to me to fulfill that role.
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The Qnity Online program is entirely virtual! A four module program completed over 13 weeks. The end goal? Grow your business 17% and beyond- so you can do more of what you love.

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