Penny Gruber | Stylist | Rain Salon, ID

Prosperity means to me time with family, money to spend and save, and to give to people in need. I am giving attention to my clients and there needs. Client’s would be engaged with me and the service I am providing. That they would rebook, purchase home care products that I recommend and refer me to their friends and family members.

Qnity helps me and our salon prosper by using the 9Grid’s to be more laser focused on each module/booklet and be more aware as a team on what to work on each week a new focus.

The behaviors that have changed for me is that I am more focused and want to build my business with more clientele and be more diligent with doing 9Grid’s for work and my personal life.

The results I have seen in me and my team is that we have huddles each week, do a 9Grid and we are more focused on what we are working towards that week! Also, keeping track of  the Qnity Tuesday Tracker and getting our numbers weekly to help us make our goals is awesome! You can see what you need to work on!


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