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This past week, Qnity hosted our 3rd Annual Ambassador Training and Retreat in Minneapolis. This year’s theme was “Immersion.” For three days, 75 Qnity Ambassadors gathered from across North America (and one from the Caribbean!) to dive deep into the areas of Coaching, 8 Seasons, and Qnity Ambassador Best Practices!

Qnity Ambassador Retreat Attendees 2016

Qnity Ambassador Retreat Attendees 2016

This is our favorite time of year to work intensely with our most seasoned Qnity practitioners to launch what’s new, expand upon what’s working, and provide solutions on the #1 challenge all individuals and organizations face- executionOr, in Qnity’s lingo- go from KNOWING to DOING!
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Who better to help others go from knowing to doing than top Qnity Ambassadors who are executing Qnity in their lives and businesses DAILY? Meet the Qnity Ambassador Mentor team!
Based upon their consistent results and actions, each Mentor is hand selected by Qnity to virtually support 15 other Ambassadors to grow their business and their role as a Qnity Ambassador. At this year’s Retreat, these Mentors (all millennials!)  shared their best practices along with actionable takeaways for the rest of the group to take back to their teams. Check out some of the highlights below!
Kat's Pres (5)

Kat Fischer, Mentor for the West presenting on 8 Seasons

Chelsea Wright

Chelsea Wright, Mentor for South FL presenting on all the ways to deliver Qnity One-on-One’s

Alysha's Pres (1)

Alysha Offutt, Mentor for the South presenting on Coaching Up

Brittany Johnson, Mentor for North Florida

Brittany Johnson, Mentor for North Florida presenting on 8 Seasonsal Themes

Brittney Robbins, Mentor for the East/CAN presenting on the 3'C's

Brittney Robbins, Mentor for the East/CAN presenting on the 3’C’s Challenge

Melody pres (3)

Kippin Herring, Co-Mentor from TX presenting on a campaign to ACCE future clients called “You are Lovely”

Melody pres (1)-2

Melody McCauliffe, Co-Mentor for TX presenting how to On-Board New Hires through Qnity

Not pictured is L’Oreal Stine, Mentor for the Midwest presenting on Q-Planning all Year. Be sure to check out her video here to learn how she stays focused & takes action through QPlaning and 9Griding 8 times a year!

We also had two incredible Guest Speakers join us, Jon Reyman speaking on “Grit”  and Dr. Robert Maurer speaking on overcoming fear to achieve success in work, health, and relationships. If you are not familiar with either of their work, we highly recommend you check it out!

Dr. Maurer

Dr. Maurer

Jon Reyman

Jon Reyman

If you are a Graduate of the Qnity Program, and you’d like to  join the Qnity Ambassador team of over 150 talented salon & spa professionals from across North America & now the Caribbean, click here to apply! Our Ambassadors are a group like none other, committed to supporting you to enhance your personal and professional prosperity.

Be sure to save the date! We hope to see you at the 2017 Ambassador Retreat!

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If you haven’t gone through the Qnity Training yet, get in contact with us today at or 952-237-7729 to learn how to bring Qnity into your business or enroll virtually!

Our goal?

  • Service Providers: Make more money! Grow Total Sales 17% within 13 weeks.
  • Business Owners & Leaders:  Engage your team members to become as invested in the growth of your business as you are.
  • Team: Improve culture, cash flow, and have a competitive edge.