Rachel Schmalzriedt |Designer Stylist |Vanason's Salon, GA

Rachel Schmalzriedt |Designer Stylist |Vanason’s Salon, GA

My personal experience with Qnity this far has been inspiring and has helped me personally and professionally become more developed and organized as a team member and an intrapreneur. My favorite part of the program is the design for practicality.
As a person who stays busy and constantly growing and changing in everything I do, it is important that I have structure but enough freedom through creative organization that I am able to maintain engagement mentally.
Since attending Qnity I have not only been checking my numbers and using my Tuesday Tracker, but I have also created a journal that I use daily when at work with a 9Grid for client notes. This has helped me stay more organized and keep track of important changes in hair color or cut and to maintain notes of personal information of my guests’. I have yet (it’s just been three weeks) to meet both my retail and service goals to be a seventeen percenter (17’er). Although this has been discouraging slightly, I recognize small wins and try to remind myself that although I have not been as busy as I would have liked to be, I am being a more present stylist and spending my down time focusing on helping team members and improving the environment of the salon!
I would like to eventually achieve my goal of being a seventeen percenter (17’er), but most importantly my goal is to ACCE my teammates and my guests and to constantly grow in the values of the Qnity Program. I plan to engage myself in the staff meetings and throughout the week as an ambassador for the salon. I also will be working closely with our owners to keep track of the stylists’ progress and what everyone within the salon team needs from me as their Ambassador.