Sabra is a stylist at Landis Salon in Utah

The whole experience of Qnity was such a rewarding one. One of my favorite parts about Qnity was learning to create an action plan with the 9Grid. It reminded me in order to achieve my goals you need to start with small steps, even just writing it down. I love how the program helps you to keep a balanced life. You need to stay happy, healthy and motivated in your personal life as well as your professional.
The class has helped me to not just go through the motions, but to make each day have a purpose. Professionally, keeping in check with my group each week and tracking my numbers has helped me be more accountable, and by taking it week by week achieving those goals really are possible.
In my personal life I feel more engaged with the people I am surrounded by. That I value and appreciate them more. I typically get so overwhelmed with setting goals and numbers, they’ll sometimes seem so unachievable. This program really makes me feel that I can accomplish things I want to have a happy and successful life.
In the salon there is definitely a change in my co-worker’s and management. It feels like a family here, and I love it. The management is helping us with all the tools and support to keep us living the Qnity way. There is a positive energy between all the stylist, the love notes and group meetings help us stay inspired and supported.
I am so inspired by this program and I want to keep up that energy for me and my team. Being in this salon for over 10 years I want to stay fresh and motivated. To be someone that people can look up to, and help motivate my team. I hope to be a part of the Ambassador Program to keep me accountable and stay consistent in helping me and others achieve their goals.