The results of Qnity have been amazing for my coworkers and myself. The numbers have grown and we have all gotten busier. For me, I never thought with my left side of brain so after Qnity I’m more focused on my numbers and the small wins and growths. The 17% challenge is a great way for everyone to simplify numbers in the salon and stay on track and making sure you are pushing yourself to grow every week. I’m very excited to learn more with Qnity as an ambassador and bring it back into the salon. Everything I bring back to the salon I will share it in different ways so everyone has to use there right and left brain. I want everyone in my salon to grow as much as they can from Qnity!
My favorite part about Qnity is ACCE. It is so easy and simple to ACCE someone throughout your day in the salon. It is as easy as sweeping up for one of your coworkers to putting a happy quote on a sticky note for them. When I get ACCE’ed I personally feel so happy and appreciated and I think everyone deserves to feel that way everyday! Since attending Qnity I think my prosperity and my closure has changed personally and professionally. When I first started in the professional industry I was very focused on work and making money, I didn’t have much of a life. After going through Qnity it clicked for me that I need to have a balanced life, earn more money, do what you love AND have a life.