Meet Stacie, an esthetician at Davanti Salon & Spa

  1. What is your favorite part about Qnity?

I absolutely love the 9Grid’s and laying out a plan that I can see in a creative way.

  1. What behaviors have changed for you personally, professionally and financially since attending Qnity?

I have been way more aware of my numbers especially in productivity and I can see how those significantly affect the financial side!

  1. What results have you seen in you and/or your coworkers?

I have seen how the communication has changed in a positive way and making sure to praise the wins more than criticize.

  1. How does Qnity differ from other education you have attended?

I think it is very different than any other education I’ve attended. It compliments both sides of the brain and make it fun and creative along with factual information.

  1. How do you plan on bringing back what you learn from your Ambassador role?

I plan on helping and educating my team members as much as possible. Maybe giving a different perspective can help influence their out look and help build our businesses together.

Check out Stacie’s Qnity vision board!