Steph Stocker is a stylist at Landis in UTAH

Steph Stoker | New Talent/Guest Relations | Landis Salon, UT

“Qnity brings so much to the table in such a simple way. My favorite part about Qnity is that it teaches you how to live a prosperous life in a way that cares for others. It aligns with my own values & the class really taught me how to put those values into action in a meaningful way so that I can help myself & others be successful all while LOVING what I do.
It taught me to focus on the small wins, to celebrate mine & my team’s achievements, rather than dwell & focus on the things that aren’t going as planned. It taught me to challenge my team to be successful, to show that I believe in them & I know that they are capable of great things.
My biggest struggle has always been coaching my team to meet their goals. I have always feared that I would make it seem like they weren’t doing enough, when in reality it’s because I believe in them & I know what they are capable of. With Qnity, I plan to help them reach the success I know they deserve. I have been blessed with such a talented & driven team. I can’t wait to ACCE my heart out to let them know that I appreciate their efforts & that they are the reason I do what I do!
ACCE= Appreciate, Care, Challenge, Encourage

ACCE= Appreciate, Care, Challenge, Encourage

Within the short amount of time between our class & today I have already seen such a change in everyone I work with. The energy in the salon is unreal! People are motivated in a way that I’ve never seen in the 4 years of working here. I am so excited to see what’s coming our way! Qnity was just what Landis needed!

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