Tatum is a stylist at Salon Vesta in Iowa

Tatum is a stylist at Salon Vesta in Iowa


Qnity’s Tuesday Tracker Tool

A life full of happiness, success, self-confidence, and love is my vision of prosperity. Before I took the Qnity program with Tom, I felt like I was doing ok in these areas of my life, but now with the tools I have learned from the Qnity program, I know that my level of prosperity has the ability to grow exponentially. The Qnity Tools have given me more confidence behind the chair and focus to keep at it. As a salon we are able to prosper individually and as a team by keeping each other accountable for using our Tuesday Trackers and QPlans, then celebrating the small wins along the way. We are such a close-knit team (a family really) at Vesta, using the Qnity tools together will only make us better!
By using the Tuesday Tracker (just a couple weeks) I’ve began to take so much more accountability and pride in what happens behind my chair. I never realized how numbers driven I am, but I love the Tuesday Tracker and seeing myself meet my 17% goals gives me a huge boost in confidence. I’ve also began to take more accountability for my mental and physical health. I’m a mom to a beautiful 2 year old little girl and since having her, I’ve really put myself on the back burner. I am investing in myself to be a better person in all the “roles” of my life.

Tatum and her baby girl, Logan

Since attending Qnity the results I am having are awesome. By being prepared for each and every client I have the confidence to talk about add-ons and retail by addressing their history and their wants/needs. I have a small goal of 1 add-on a day. In my first week, after Qnity, I had 5 add-ons in one day, one to ever guest that sat in my chair that day! As a team, I have noticed more focus and preparation happening in the backroom. We are celebrating small wins and encouraging one another to stay focused on our small steps.
I plan to use what I learn as a Qnity Ambassador to motivate my team and keep us focused on being a prosperous team and individuals. I will pass along what I learn to my team in our 8 Seasons meetings, using 9Grids will keep things simple and visual to keep my team engaged. Also, by leading by example every day as I continue to prepare for my guests and track my weeks. Since we took the Qnity program as a salon we all know how to use all the tools, my hope as an ambassador is to keep myself accountable and to keep the focus and passion alive in the salon. So, when we start our second 13 weeks and our twenty-second 13 weeks and our forty-second 13 weeks, etc… that we are all just as passionate about the program and using the tool andwe are now!

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