Brandi's 9Grid on Creating Unity

Brandi’s 9Grid on Creating Unity

“I really spent some time thinking about the Creating Unity Project, and reflecting on all the areas that I need unity. Work life/home life. Right and left brain. The word that kept coming to mind was balance. I feel that if I can create harmony and balance in different aspects of my life, there will be unity.
Balancing work and home can be a challange I think for everyone in this industry. Things I will work at to balance this is to stay organized, manage my time wisely, and plan ahead. Sometimes I feel that I’m really in tune with the salon, but maybe my house is a train wreck! Or maybe I’ve been busy outside of work so I’m not as focused in the salon.
Untiy Qplan by Brandi

Brandi’s QPlan on Unity

Creating unity makes me also think of my teammates. Remembering to always appreciate them, while also making sure to be a team player and helping with salon duties. With my clients, to first be their hairstylist and educate and provide the services they need, but also to connect with the heart. Also, staying passionate about hair. Because if you do what you love, and love what you do, it’s not work. And for me that means to always challenge myself to learn and grow. For my most recent QPlan, I actually had balance in mind, so I am sharing that too!”
Brandi Munroe is a stylist at Salon Nouveau in IN

Brandi Munroe is a Qnity Ambassador and a stylist at Salon Nouveau in IN


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