The Q-pen & Lens

The meaning behind the “Q” in Qnity.

At Qnity, our vision is to teach and practice a constant state of unity. Looking at the image below, the pencil column represents the linear, logical, left-brain components. The circle column, representative of a camera lens, is symbolic of the creative, visual, right-brain components.

The “Q”column represents Unity- unity in the business AND creative, the personal AND professional, the merging together of all these areas that make us human, to create a stronger whole. 

Vision for Blog PostBusiness AND Creative: Too often individuals and organizations think of these as one or the other. Unity means not having to chose, rather the uniting of the business AND creative efforts. It’s not one or the other, it’s BOTH.
Prosperous Life: Many individuals separate their lives into having a professional life and a personal life, which are very difficult to unify. In fact, these areas often seem completely separate. Some find their happy place at work, and some find it at home. Unity means living a prosperous lifein both your personal AND professional life.
Doing the right thing: The greatest challenge most people face, is they are great at knowing, but not so much at actually doing. Others, while might be considered “do-er’s, ” don’t actually know what they are doing or even have a strategy behind it. Unity means doing the right thing.
Getting paid to do what you love: Everyone needs to get paid. The fortunate ones are able to find some free time to do what they loveThose who are truly blessed have found a way to unify their work and passion and are getting paid to do what they love.
Using all Languages to Prosper: There are numbers and words, which represent the language of the left-brain. Then, there are pictures and movement which is the language of the right-brainThese are two very different languages. Some are masters at using the visual aspects, yet neglect to pay attention to the numbers. Others depend way too much on the numbers, failing to incorporate visuals. Unity means using all languages to prosper.

pencil + q drawing

Created by a Qnity participant to further illustrate Qnity’s definition of Unity

Which areas do you YOU need UNITY in?